Frequently Asked Questions About Our IT Recruitment Services

Here’s a list of questions we are frequently asked about our tech recruitment services with helpful answers.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
|Q. Difference of Contingency and Retained search?
|A. Contingency search is appropriate when there are multiple needs for the same position and similar roles, and when a  hiring organization is prepared to assume more responsibility for screening, assessing and interviewing candidates. While retained search is more valuable when a hiring organization needs a dedicated and strategic effort to secure their ideal professionals.
|Q. What is your turnaround time?
|A. 30 to 40 days to fill
|Q. What are the industries you have supported before?
|A. We have supported almost all types of businesses in different industry, most of them are Information Technology companies.
|Q. What are the IT roles you can find?
|A. Almost all IT roles you can think of, from developers to Project Managers.